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Scribenote has condensed 2 hours of medical note writing into about 20 - 30 minutes.
Dr. Jackie Day, DVM
Grand River Veterinary Hospital
I find that I can improve my quality of medicine by spending more time with my client.
Dr. Tammy Hornak, DVM
Grand River Veterinary Hospital
I am addicted to Scribenote. I cannot go back to the old way of writing medical records. You have saved me so much time...
Dr. Aron Bhan, DVM
Multi-Clinic Owner

Our wall of 💜

You guys are amazing and really again the impact you bring is life changing. For the first time in the last three years, I had a whole day to me. I hope more vets find you. This is not the only issue that creates the struggles in our industry but it is in the top three in my mind.

- Kathleen F., DVM 🇺🇸

As an independent canine massage and rehabilitation therapist who sees clients in the comfort of their own homes, I'm often on the road and scrambling to write SOAP notes in-between appointments. Using a template in Google Docs has been helpful but messy - difficult to organize, keep clean, and update on the road. With Scribenote, I can easily record voice memos for each pet while I'm on the go and save them for myself to transcribe once I'm home for the day. Or, if I have a little bit of extra time, I can draft and save professional SOAPs with ease from my phone - the templates on the mobile app are the same as on my laptop, and all of my client information is right there at my fingertips.

I'd been looking for so long for an app like Scribenote to help keep me organized while on the go, and I love how easy it is to use and share my notes with referring veterinarians and clients. The Scribenote team have been incredibly responsive and helpful with any of my questions, and have gone out of their way to create changes and make adjustments to the app to help it better fit my needs (without my even asking). The level of personal care and communication with the Scribenote team is unparalleled - I'll be a customer for life!

I’ve been a Scribenote user for the better part of a year now, and I can’t begin to explain what a lifesaver this app has been. As a mobile canine massage and rehab practitioner, the ability to create notes and record and/or edit them while on the go has been incredible. I can complete notes in-between clients, or get key details jotted down before I get home at the end of the day so that nothing gets missed or forgotten. I love how everything on my mobile app is synced and available on my laptop as well! The newer feature allowing me to link documents to each patient file is huge - it allows me to keep all of my notes, vet records, and referral forms in one place, easily accessible and simple to export to a referring vet with a couple of clicks. The SOAP note templates are so simple to customize for all of my needs, too! The Scribenote team are always quick to respond to any concerns or questions, and are always looking for feedback on how to make this app even more helpful - often implementing changes to how it functions just because of something I casually mentioned in an email. I can’t say enough about Scribenote and the team that makes it happen. I will, without a doubt, be a user for life!

- Lindsey G., NCCMT CCRA KRMP 🇺🇸
Same customer, 1 year later! Still smitten 😍

Having just started a solo, mobile, veterinary rehabilitation practice I was spending many nights transcribing handwritten notes to Google Docs in order to maintain patient records. It was arduous after a long day. I wasn't ready to spend a lot of money on a software program that was beyond what I needed for my specific field and limited needs. Fortunately, I heard about Scribenote through another rehabber and was quickly smitten with the ease and brevity of the program.

Not only can I make audio recordings of my sessions, I can dictate notes, reminders, whatever!, and come back to them at the end of the appointment or day and have them all right in front of me and can quickly assign them to patients and records. In NO. TIME. FLAT. Best of all is the customer service that I received on an almost daily basis during my trial period.  If I didn't understand how to do something on the program or had a question or comment about how the layout was, I heard back within 24 hrs - more often though, in just 1 or 2!

If you are interested in software developed specifically for veterinarians to help minimize the lost hours of record keeping that is compact, easy, and even has cute commentaries, then you need to try Scribenote!

- Bridget L., DVM, CCRP 🇺🇸

I operate a single-person veterinary physiotherapy practice and have struggled for a while to find a note-taking software that was fit for purpose. Most options in the market were intended for veterinary clinics, and we did not want to have to pay a premium for a large scope of the service that we did not require.

We were impressed by Scribenote’s functionality for the fact it was extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate without all the bells and whistles. The Scribenote team also took into consideration our pain points, i.e. having ability to upload clinical referrals/radiographs, and are looking to incorporate these into future updates. Scribenote has allowed us to cut down about 50% of time expended, compared to manual scribbling and subsequent transfer onto a computer.

I would highly recommend Scribenote to all budding colleagues without hesitation. Thank you Scribenote!

- Ralph L., CCFT, RCH 🇸🇬

Scribenote has made my note taking easier and I do it in real time which takes hours off my work day. I often work in different locations and can easily use Scribenote anywhere on my laptop or my iPad. The format is easy to work with and personally I make my own templates to keep me focused and not having to retype things I use on each file. Scribenote’s customer support is exceptional and they often get back to me within minutes of an inquiry email with very helpful step by step instructions that even I can follow.

I highly recommend Scribenote to help cut down the hours of paperwork at the end of the day.

- K9 Rehab Wellness 🇨🇦

I have been a Scribenote user for one year now, and what a pleasure this journey has been. I was opening a mobile specialty ophthalmology practice and needed software that was high end on medical records and communication. My needs in terms of financial and inventory management were minimal since this function was to be managed by the host practice. Scribenote fit the bill for me. Since then I have requested a number of tweaks to the software to make my referral letters easy to produce and email to referring vets and clients. The Scribenote team have responded quickly to my requests often in less than 24 hrs. If I am busy, I can even voice record my notes and transcribe them later. I can recommend Scribenote to mobile vets and independent specialists without hesitation. Great software, and great customer service makes this a fantastic software choice for niche practitioners.

- Michael Z., DVM, CertVOphthal 🇨🇦

I have tried to keep up with notes via Siri in the past, but she is not a big fan of medical terminology. Scribenote is a 100% improvement over using Siri, and has saved me a ton of time.

- Cassi F., DVM 🇺🇸

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