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Patient documentation sucks. We're fixing it. Scribenote is a fresh and focused take on managing patient records from anywhere.

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Designed for the SOAP format.

We love the SOAP format. We know you do too. That's why we've designed Scribenote around the SOAP note format. You get the flexibility of on-the-go documentation without the drag of time consuming formatting or endless clicking around a clunky EMR.

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Export notes with ease.

Send off your completed SOAPs in a few clicks, without leaving Scribenote. Or, simply download it to get a neatly formatted SOAP Report in a PDF format. You can even customize your exports with a logo or contact info.

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Get attached.

Tell your patient's full story with attachments.
Attach images, videos, documents, and radiographs to your patient records. No matter what you're attaching, Scribenote keeps all your patient files neatly organized in one place.

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Preset and custom SOAP templates.

No need to keep repeating yourself, just use one of our Templates. Don't like our preset templates? Create a custom template that you can use with no hassle. Plus, your templates are neatly saved and managed by Scribenote too, and even color coded!

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