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If you found us, we're willing to bet that you are NOT enjoying your patient documentation workflow. Very few veterinary professionals do. They could, and you could too, if you gave us a try.

Who is "us" exactly? Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We're Scribenote, a small team of engineers, designers, and veterinary professionals from The Great White North. 🇨🇦

We're on a mission to make veterinary documentation delightful. Or, at least more bear-able.

There, now that we're birds of a feather, let's flock about you. 🕊

Are you:

Are any of the following things true?

If you answered yes to both questions, then congratulations!

You've won the chance to save hours of documentation work each week for the rest of your career! Just keep reading to find out how.

If not, but you have a friend or colleague who might - please pass this along to them. It might have a transformative impact on a frustrating aspect of their job.

If that doesn't apply to you either, we don’t have anything for you just yet - except for a thank you for checking us out, an internet high five ✋, and warm thoughts from across the World Wide Web. We hope the rest of your day is rad. ❤️

Oh great, you're still here!

That means you are one of the wonderful people who works with animals in your community on a daily basis. That’s awesome - thanks for the work you do!

We know you are in this line of work because you absolutely love fighting computer systems or organizing paper files for hours a week, right?

Kidding, kidding...

We know you work with animals because that's what you love. We love animals too, but our forte is actually wrestling computers. We’re actually like, really, really good at this. So good that we made something to help you stop wrestling your documentation.

You probably have one or more of the following problems at work:

Your EMR or PIMS can only be accessed at work. If you have notes to catch up on, you're staying in late at the clinic instead of being home for dinner.

Your pen and paper workflow is a great way to get notes done quickly, but is a PAIN to organize, reference, and share with other vets or your clients.

You use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to type out notes. It's getting harder to find the information you need with every block you stack on the Jenga tower, and it requires copying, pasting, or printing every time you need to share your records.

The expensive, inflexible, clunky and extremely dated solutions in the veterinary software market are out of your price range, have too many "fluff" features you don’t need, or are too time consuming to learn on top of managing your existing practice.

This is where we come in.
Scribenote Basic

Take your documentation work with you on-the-go using the Scribenote web, iOS, or Android app.

*A Scribenote account is required to access all app features.

Features that'll make your tail wag

Effortless, organized patient note taking, anywhere you go. Write notes in no time on any computer or smartphone.

Save hours a week, stop repeating yourself.
Scribenote custom templates make writing notes for common appointments as easy as a few clicks.

Slash time spent on communications.
Export patient records via email in one click to referring veterinary professionals or clients.

Never forget a consultation.
Scribenote lets you record appointment audio so you can have a word-perfect memory to refer back to later.

Burn your records backlog
. Save drafts or recordings throughout the week on Scribenote, then knock out a few days worth of notes in one focused session.

Plus, it's all free for 14 days! 🤩
No credit card required.

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Your time and effort are
extremely valuable.

Painful patient documentation is likely costing you thousands of dollars in time and effort. Scribenote is the solution. We make documentation easy. We won't burn a hole in your pocket or your patience. ☺️


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