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Notes Created

Not a one-trick-pony ๐Ÿด

Scribenote doesn't just automate medical records. It also automates your client communications, team meeting notes, and more.

Seamless SOAPs from anywhere.

Start a note on your phone, and you can add to it later from your laptop or any device logged into your account. Bad internet connection? You can always create an offline recording and sync it later.

Set it and (don't) forget it.

Never forget another important detail again. Scribenote runs in the background to capture audio while you focus on your appointment.ย 

Appointment information all in one place.

Document every aspect of your patient's appointment - audio, transcript, SOAP, attachments, client communications - all in one easy-to-read note.

Works with any PIMS.

When you're done at the end of the day, Scribenote's desktop widget (aka The Draggy-Droppy), allows you to copy your completed Scribenote records into your PIMS in just seconds.

Vets ๐Ÿ’œ Scribenote

Our AI-powered notes are a game changer... but hear it from our customers.

โ€œScribenote has drastically changed my life in regards to writing medical notes. It is well perceived by clients and saves me HOURS with my medical records. It helps me to stay present in the exam rooms and not have to be constantly worrying about writing every physical exam or history detail down.โ€

Fiona H.

Vets ๐Ÿ’œ Scribenote

Our AI-powered notes are a game changer... but hear it from our customers.

โ€œI never write reviews but I love Scribenote! I heard about this product on Vetfolio Voice and tried it out. Within the day, I could already tell that this was going to change veterinary practice for me. I was able to focus on my patients, my room assistants could help with holding animals in the rooms (instead of charting), and I was able to leave work on time! I shared the product with my fellow veterinarians in our practice and everyone loved it! The entire practice is signed up and my boss tells me everyday how much he loves Scribenote! Thank you!โ€

Catherine M.

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