Veterinary documentation in just two clicks. Seriously.

Automatic appointment audio backup, transcription, and categorization.
Just click record, carry on with your appointment, then click stop.

See it in action

Introducing your new medical scribe.

Scribenote makes documentation simple.

No more cramming notes in between patient visits, or writing them at the end of your long day. You can simply click a button to capture appointment audio.

From there, we do all the heavy lifting of transcribing your client conversation into text, and categorizing the subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) data from the appointment.

We even store a backup of every recording, in case you need to refer to it later.

Scribenote is not:

dictation software.

Scribenote lets you have a normal conversation with your client that documents itself. This means no slowly speaking into a microphone, no dictating punctuation, and no wasted time.

an EMR.

EMRs promised to bring you into the future with modern technology, but all they really did was take paper based notes and make them digital. Scribenote allows you to record your appointment and uses these recordings to automatically generate documentation for you.

Software designed to keep you off the computer.

Most veterinary software demands huge amounts of your attention and time. With Scribenote, it only takes two clicks to document an entire appointment.

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