Meet the Scribenauts

We call ourselves Scribenauts because we’re like astronauts on a space mission... except our mission isn’t to explore space, it’s to explore the many ways we can improve the lives of veterinarians through constant innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Ryan Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Described as a human golden retriever, Ryan likes to help people with technology. Ryan is an engineer by training, a founder by nature, and a lover of working hard for an important mission. Ryan started Scribenote to help his sister Katie get home on time from the clinic. 

Alina Pavel

Chief Product Officer, Co-founder

Alina graduated university with an engineering degree, but she has always been a designer at heart. She is most fulfilled when she gets to express her creative side, like when working on Scribenote. Her goal at Scribenote has always been to make it what most veterinary software isn’t: fun and friendly!

Dr. Katie Gallagher, DVM

Co-founder, Advisor, Customer Outreach

Since graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016, Dr. Katie Gallagher has been practicing small animal medicine (adding in a mix of backyard poultry recently). She hopes that Scribenote can one day make the paperwork part of it non-existent!

Emily Merry

Co-founder, Advisor, Customer Outreach

Emily started at the Ontario Vet College in 2021 with a passion for medicine and change. She hopes to practice In many different fields including wildlife, exotics and large animal. She hopes to help veterinary medicine change for the better with a focus on quality care and quality time away from work. She looks forward to entering the industry where Scribenote is a part of everyday life!

Otto the Dog

President of Pawperations

Otto's favourite things are chasing his tail, burying his head into his food bowl, and a hearty spoonful of peanut butter every now and then. Otto tries to be as helpful as he can but is frequently distracted by squirrels.

Scribbles the Cat

Meowketing Director

Scribbles loves naps. Like, a lot. She is mostly asleep, which doesn't lend very well to doing her actual work. When she is awake, she's great at pushing paper... off the desk, that is.

George Fawzy

Founding Software Developer

Sam Silverstein

Software Developer

Liz Duong

Customer Success Coordinator

Ayush Bhargava

Software Developer (Co-op)

Greg Fouzie

Software Developer (Co-op)

Scribenote: The Origin Story 🦸

In 2019, Ryan got tired of seeing his sister Katie get home 2 hours late from work every night. Often, the thing keeping her late was clinical documentation. As a software developer, he thought that he could help, and started working on Scribenote. Scribenote's goal is to make clinical veterinary documentation absolutely effortless.

We're really passionate about this problem - we see a world where vets don't have to worry about the boring, tedious, and draining admin work on top of an already challenging profession.

You guys seem really into documentation.
What gives?

Trick question! We are really into documentation, but thats only because we want to make it go away. Our long term goal is to completely automate clinical documentation. We see a world where vet's don't have to spend an hour or two late at the clinic just to catch up on patient notes. We think that by taking the burden of clinical documentation

Why would we spend thousands of hours starting a clinical documentation software company with the end goal of making clinical documentation a thing of the past for veterinarians?