See why Scribenote is the cat's meow 😻

Scribenote Core is still in a private beta. It will be available soon!


Get your notes done automagically.*

*(only available with Managed plan)

Could you imagine what work and life would be like without hours of clinical documentation each day?
You need to try it — but be warned — you won't want to go back. 🤩

Word perfect memory of all your consultations.

Never forget what was discussed in a consultation again. Scribenote Core lets you record your clinical conversations for future reference.

Unlimited secure appointment recording.

Scribenote Core recordings don't fill up your personal or work device storage. You can store thousands of long appointment audio recordings without using any device storage. Audio recordings can be accessed seamlessly anywhere you use Scribenote.

Detailed patient notebook.

View important patient details at-a-glance. The patient notebook is where you’ll be able to see all your patient’s notes and information. See, export, or edit their SOAP notes, or listen to their appointment audio recordings.

Quick and easy appointment recording.

Start recording an appointment in just a few clicks using Quicknotes. Simply click the Quicknotes button to start recording an appointment from anywhere in the app, even if you haven’t created a Scribenote patient profile yet.

Familiar documentation format.

You’ll feel right at home with Scribenote’s SOAP notes. This standard format ensures that your notes remain consistent with your current documentation style.

Export notes into your EMR with ease.

Consolidate your Scribenote SOAPs with your EMR by exporting them into a Scribenote SOAP PDF in a single click.
Too busy to do this yourself? Empower staff at your clinic to help you out with our powerful SOAP sharing options.


*(only available with Self-Serve plan)

Unlock huge savings on two-click veterinary documentation while better allocating your current staff resources. Staff at your clinic can use the blazing fast tools we use internally to produce high-quality SOAPs.

Plus so much more to come!

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