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Cross-platform documentation, accessible on-the-go.

Scribenote Basic is the only clinical documentation tool for vets that lets you take notes on-the-go. Gone are the days of staying in late to catch up on notes, attached to your work computer for EMR access. With Scribenote Basic, if you want to write your notes away from work, it's a breeze. No need to format text documents or send emails to yourself, then copy and paste those notes into your EMR the next day. You can use Scribenote web, iOS, or Android applications to easily write SOAPs from anywhere.

Workflows that work the way you do.

Scribenote Basic works the way you do. We have workflows for every way you might want to document:

  • Record your appointment audio, then carry on with your day. Later on, you can see your recordings on the Scribenote Basic dashboard and use them to power up your SOAP writing. You can even listen to the appointment audio while you type!
  • Use Super SOAP when you have a few notes to catch up on. With just one click, this feature sets you up for a focused catch-up session.
  • Forgot to record your appointment or just don't want to? No problem! You can start new notes without recording any appointments first.
  • Attach notes to a Scribenote patient profile, or use Quicknotes to document without the need to create a patient profile.
  • Quickly fill in your SOAP notes using preset or custom Templates.
  • Bring your records to life with delightfully simple and simply delightful Attachments.
  • Keyboard superstar? Use Scribenote Basic on your personal computer.
  • Mobile phone master? Use Scribenote Basic on your personal phone.

Word perfect memory of all your consultations.

Never forget what was discussed in a consultation again. Scribenote Basic lets you record your clinical conversations for future reference.

Unlimited secure appointment recording.

Scribenote Basic recordings don't fill up your personal or work device storage. You can store thousands of long appointment audio recordings without using any device storage. Audio recordings can be accessed seamlessly anywhere you use Scribenote.

Detailed patient notebook.

View important patient details at-a-glance. The patient notebook is where you’ll be able to see all your patient’s notes and information. See, export, or edit their SOAP notes, or listen to their appointment audio recordings.

Quick and easy appointment recording.

Start recording an appointment in just a few clicks using Quicknotes. Simply click the Quicknotes button to start recording an appointment from anywhere, even if you haven’t created a profile for that patient yet.

Designed for the SOAP format.

We love the SOAP format. We know you do too. That's why we've designed Scribenote Basic around the SOAP note format. You get the flexibility of on-the-go documentation without the drag of time consuming formatting or endless clicking around a clunky EMR. Scribenote Basic means you get workflows, not work arounds.

Super SOAP? Superpowered.

Stack up multiple notes at once using Super SOAP. This focused mode allows you to breeze through all of your notes without having to navigate back and forth between them.  

Export notes into your EMR with ease.

Consolidate your Scribenote SOAPs with your EMR by exporting them into a Scribenote SOAP PDF in a single click.
Too busy to do this yourself? Empower staff at your clinic to help you out with our powerful SOAP sharing options.

Preset and custom SOAP templates.

No need to keep repeating yourself, just use one of our SOAP Templates. Don't like our preset templates? Create your own custom Template that you can use with no hassle. Plus, your templates are neatly saved and managed by Scribenote too - and even color coded!

Get attached.

Tell your patient's full story with attachments. Attach images, videos, documents, and radiographs to your patient records. No matter what you're attaching, Scribenote keeps all your patient files neatly organized in one place.

Coming Soon: SOAP templates, draft SOAPs, and more!

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