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Automatic notes, from start to finish.

See how Appointments, Callbacks, and Summaries allow you to get notes done without even touching a keyboard.


No more thinking back to "What did I say during the appointment?" Scribenote's Appointments feature lets you record your full consultation with a patient, and get back a full, accurate SOAP note of only the most clinically relevant information. A SOAP note in just two clicks. Best of all, it takes less than a minute for your recording to be processed into a SOAP.


Scribenote's Summaries feature allows you to record a summary of an appointment, and get back a full accurate SOAP note based on what you said. It's not dictation, it's better. Summaries are also a great option when you might not be able to record a full appointment - such as quality of life assessments, or if the owner has not consented to being recorded.

Designed for the SOAP format.

We designed Scribenote around the SOAP note format. You get the flexibility of on-the-go documentation without the drag of time-consuming formatting or endless clicking around a clunky EMR.

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Preset and custom SOAP templates.

No need to keep repeating yourself, just use one of our Templates. Don't like our preset templates? Create a custom template that you can use with no hassle. Plus, your templates are neatly saved and managed by Scribenote too, and even color coded!

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Export notes with ease.

Send off your completed SOAP in a few clicks, without leaving Scribenote. Or, simply download it to get a neatly formatted SOAP report as a PDF. You can even customize your exports with a logo or contact info.

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Super SOAP? Superpowered.

Stack up multiple notes at once using Super SOAP. This focused mode allows you to breeze through all of your note drafts without having to navigate back and forth between them.  

Get attached.

Tell your patient's full story with attachments.
Attach images, videos, documents, and radiographs to your patient records. No matter what you're attaching, Scribenote keeps all your patient files neatly organized in one place.

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Unlimited secure appointment recording.

Scribenote recordings don't fill up your personal or work device storage. You can store thousands of long appointment audio recordings without using any device storage. Recordings can be accessed seamlessly anywhere you use Scribenote, from your mobile device or computer.

Coming Soon: SOAP templates, draft SOAPs, and more!

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