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Turn your long drives into productive time with Summary Auto-SOAPs:

In 2019, Dr. Katie was coming home an hour or two late from work every day. Documentation was usually the culprit. After shadowing her in clinic, we realized that 80% of what ends up in her medical record was directly discussed during the appointment. This started an obsession with shaving every minute we could off of her documentation time.

In 2021, she took a leap of faith and faced an exciting new challenge by becoming a mobile vet. Long commutes, new places, and often no assistants to help with her with wrangling poultry (among other things). It's a good thing she used Scribenote's Summaries to help take the documentation burden away!

How it works:

Turn your appointment summary into a full SOAP note in just 2 minutes while you're on the road. With our Pro plan, you can use Summaries for all your daily appointments, turning your documentation from a 2 hour job into a 10 minute breeze.

So simple, you could do your notes while wearing a cone of shame...

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Get a FREE Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap by subscribing to a yearly Scribenote Pro plan! (Reg. value $99 USD, shipping included)

Plus, there's no commitment! 100% money-back guarantee within 1 month of subscribing.

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The Best Software for Vet Rehab Therapists
Online Pet Health, September 2022
If you just want a software to take notes, then I suggest Scribenote. Uploading documentation, photos, radiographs, etc. is all easily done with a few clicks. It also works from your phone, which is handy. It’s really clean and simple to use and costs $29 per month. While Scribenote is limited to note-taking, I really like it and think it’s one we should keep an eye on. They offer great customer service and will probably be expanding their features over the next few years.
Scribenote 💜 mobile vets,
mobile vets 💜 Scribenote
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