Scribenote Auto

Scribenote Auto allows you to complete SOAP notes effortlessly while you're on the road, if you're unable to be at your computer, or you're just tired of doing them yourself. Ideal for mobile/house call veterinarians or anyone who wants to multi-task.

So what's the idea here?

Since starting Scribenote, our goal has always been to completely eliminate the burden of clinical documentation for veterinarians. We started out with Scribenote Basic, which features tools and workflows to ease some of that documentation burden. Still, we kept wracking our brains trying to figure out how to make the documentation process even more effortless.

That's how we came up with the initial idea for Scribenote Auto:

Our key takeaway from this initial concept was wanting it to feel more conversational. Being able to talk out your relevant appointment information as if you're talking to a fellow practitioner. The voice assistant route would have been a step in the right direction, but having to wait for a robot's replies would not feel as natural as just speaking out your appointment.

We decided there would be a better way to do this...

See Scribenote Auto in action

As you can see, all Dr. Katie had to do was describe her appointment. Our lovely Scribes then took over and provided her with a complete, neatly formatted SOAP note within just 24 hours.
(Even less time than that, since she was thoughtful enough to structure her recording into SOAP categories, making our Scribes' job even easier 😍)

That's the gist!

That's really all there is to it. You give us a recording of your lovely voice, telling us about your appointment. We give you back a clean, delightfully formatted SOAP note with all your appointment information present. All this without you having to type a single word!

With all your newfound time, you could take up a new hobby... or just relax.

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Scribenote does not condone distracted driving. Do not use your mobile device while driving. Only interact with the Scribenote Auto app while your vehicle is stopped or parked.